What Readers Are Saying

Having lived in Texas for many years I was familiar, or so I thought, with the story of the Alamo in San Antonio. Author Shawn LaTorre has done a masterful job of expanding my limited knowledge with her Footfalls to the Alamo. She portrays the challenges and courage of María Andrea Castañon, later known as Señora Candelaria. María Andrea learned healing skills from her beloved grandmother which she used to care for the former Governor of San Antonio. Due to her father’s military appointment with the Royal Military of New Spain, the family moved multiple times before arriving in the fledgling new city of San Antonio. After the Governor died, María Andrea used funds he’d set aside for her to purchase a tavern, something quite unusual for a woman in that era. That connection put her in the center of the bloody confrontation between Mexican Santa Anna and the Norteamericanos moving into the area. María went inside the Alamo by day and returned home to her sister and young child by night to apply her healing methods to James Bowie. This led to her being an eye witness to an event that eventually led to Independence for Texas. A great read for anyone who cares about history and enjoys reading historical fiction.

Author Kathryn Haueisen